Breeding Philosophy

As breeders, our number one priority is temperament. We do not tolerate any kind of aggression towards people or other dogs. Our dogs run together several times a day, girls with girls and boys with boys. We demand peaceful coexistence from our dogs even in the presence of a female in season. Additionally, we expect all of our dogs, young and old, to happily greet strangers of all ages.

We strive to breed happy, healthy springers who can be excellent family companions and housedogs. Most of our dogs live inside the house at least part time, so we cannot tolerate hyper dogs or obnoxious barkers. We want dogs who can turn it on in the field and then turn it off when they go back into the house.

Additionally, we look for sound health and good physical conformation. Of course, biddability, the desire to please, is very important when focusing the considerable field skills in the dogs. To these ends, we are very proud of what we have accomplished with our breeding program.

We are AKC breeders of Merit.