Facilities Overview

Situated on 119 acres about an hour Northeast of Madison, Wisconsin, Lighthouse Kennels is just off the beaten path, yet easily accessible from all points. An hour and a half from Milwaukee, three hours from Chicago, and four hours from the Twin Cities, we are just a short distance from anywhere in the Mid-West. With easy access to both the Madison and Milwaukee airports, our services are readily available to anyone in North America. We have trained dogs from Alaska to California to Georgia to Maine.


Our grounds offer us a variety of cover options, including several different types of grass fields, marshy areas, pine woods, hard woods, and a pond. We have both flat ground and hill cover. We can simulate many different hunting situations that hunting dogs can find themselves in, from prairie pheasants to woodland grouse to marshy ducks.


We utilize a variety of birds. We have an active flock of homing pigeons which get a lot of air time. Of course we have regular barn pigeons that we train on quite a bit. We have a three section 100′ x 175′ flight pen where we raise over 1500 pheasants a year. And our most fun training is done on quail released from re-call hutches. They are then hunted in wooded areas and are wonderful for simulating Grouse and Woodcock hunting. A few ducks and a couple hundred Chukars also participate in our training each year.


Our kennel is a converted dairy barn. The dogs are kept in indoor runs, removed from the elements. They enjoy free exercise in a fully enclosed exercise yard four times per day. They run in two groups, all the females and neutered males together and then all the intact males. Each run is covered with Pine shavings to keep the dogs comfy and clean. The runs are cleaned each time the dogs are let out so that the kennel has a fresh pine smell instead of that yucky kennel dog smell. Because of the thick stone foundation the kennel stays cool in the summer and is then heated in the Winter. Our own personal dogs live with client dogs and all are cared for as if they were one of our own.

A Gallery of images of the kennel throughout the seasons: